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10 (from 10 Things I Hate About You to 10 Things I Hate About You)
17 (from 1776 to 1776)
19 (from 1942 to 1942)


20 (from 2001: A Space Odyssey to 2046)


__ (from Пушкин, Александр Сергеевич to 鲁迅)


A_ (from A. A. Milne to A Tryst With Destiny)
Aa (from Aaron Allston to Aaron Fuchs)
Ab (from Abba Eban to Abu Nuwas)
Ac (from Acting to Acting)
Ad (from Adam Carolla to Advice)
Ae (from Aeschylus to Aesop)
Af (from Afghanistan proverbs to Afrika Bambaataa)
Ag (from Agatha Christie to Age)
Ai (from Ain't I a Woman? to Airplane!)
Al (from Al Gore to Alyssa Milano)
Am (from Ambrose Bierce to Ammon Hennessey)
An (from An eye for an eye to Antony and Cleopatra)
Ap (from Apathy to Apocalypse Now)
Aq (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
Ar (from Arabic proverbs to Arundhati Roy)
As (from As You Like It to Asterix)
At (from Atheism to Atonality)
Au (from Augustine of Hippo to Automobiles and transport)
Av (from Avenue D to Avril Lavigne)
Ay (from Ayn Rand to Ayn Rand)


B_ (from B. F. Skinner to B. F. Skinner)
Ba (from Babe Ruth to Battle of Hurtgen Forest)
Be (from Beaumont and Fletcher to Beyond Good and Evil)
Bh (from Bhutanese proverbs to Bhutanese proverbs)
Bi (from Bias to Bisexuality)
Bj (from Björk to Bjarne Stroustrup)
Bl (from Black Elk to Blood Music)
Bo (from Boasting to Boyd Rice)
Br (from Brave New World to Bryant McGill)
Bu (from Buckminster Fuller to Burton Rascoe)


C_ (from C. Everett Koop to C. S. Pierce)
Ca (from Calvin Thomas to Cats)
Ce (from Cesar Chavez to Cesar Chavez)
Ch (from ChalkZone to Chuck Palahniuk)
Ci (from Cicero to Cicero)
Cl (from Clarence Darrow to Clueless)
Co (from Colin Chapman to Cowardly Lion)
Cr (from Crackheads to Crime)
Cu (from Cube 2: Hypercube to Curtis Mayfield)
Cy (from Cyndi Lauper to Cyril Connolly)
Cz (from Czech proverbs to Czech proverbs)


D_ (from D. Granosalis to D. Granosalis)
Da (from Dag Hammarskjöld to David Weinberger)
De (from Dead Souls to Devo)
Di (from Diana, Princess of Wales to Dixie Lee Ray)
Dj (from DJ to DJ Grandmaster Flash)
Do (from Doctor Who to Down Periscope)
Dr (from Dr. No to Drugs)
Du (from Dudley Field Malone to Duty to one's self)
Dw (from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Dwight Macdonald)


E_ (from E. B. White to E. M. Forster)
Ea (from Earl K. Long to Earle Brown)
Ec (from Ecclesiasticus to Economics)
Ed (from Ed Edd n Eddy to Edwin W. Edwards)
Ef (from Effort to Effort)
Eg (from Egyptian proverbs to Egyptian proverbs)
El (from Elbert Hubbard to Elvis Presley)
Em (from Emile Cioran to Empire Records)
En (from En folkefiende to English proverbs)
Ep (from Epictetus to Epitaphs)
Er (from Erasmus to Erwin Rommel)
Es (from Essentialism to Essentialism)
Et (from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Eu (from Eugene Chadbourne to Euripides)
Ev (from Evan Schoenberg to Evildoer)
Ex (from Experience to Experience)


Fa (from Fahrenheit 451 to Fawlty Towers)
Fe (from Fear to Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
Fi (from Fibber McGee and Molly to Firefly)
Fl (from Fletcher Knebel to Florence Nightingale)
Fo (from Folly to FoxTrot)
Fr (from Fran Liebowitz to Fritz Leiber)
Fu (from Full Metal Jacket to Future)
Fy (from Fyodor Dostoevsky to Fyodor Dostoevsky)


G_ (from G. Gordon Liddy to Günter Grass)
Ga (from Gail Hamilton to Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender)
Ge (from Gene Fowler to Get Shorty)
Gh (from Ghostbusters to Ghostbusters)
Gi (from Giacomo Casanova to Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death)
Gl (from Gladiator to Glengarry Glen Ross)
Gn (from GNU FDL to GNU FDL)
Go (from Go (board game) to Government)
Gr (from Grace Hopper to Growing old)
Gu (from Guns to Gustave Flaubert)
Gw (from Gwanghae-gun of Joseon to Gwanghae-gun of Joseon)
Gy (from György Ligeti to Gypsy (Romani) proverbs)


H_ (from H. G. Wells to H. P. Lovecraft)
Ha (from Hailey Anne Nelson to Hayley Jensen)
He (from Health to Heywood Broun)
Hi (from Highlander (Series) to History of the World Pt. 1)
Ho (from Ho Chi Mihn to Howard Dean)
Hu (from Huey P. Long to Hunter S. Thompson)
Hy (from Hyman G. Rickover to Hypocrisy)


I_ (from I. F. Stone to I have a Dream)
Ia (from Iannis Xenakis to Iannis Xenakis)
Ic (from Icelandic proverbs to Ich bin ein Berliner)
Id (from Ideology to Idylls of the King)
Ig (from Ignorance to Igor Stravinsky)
Im (from Imagination to Immortality)
In (from Independence Day to Intuition)
Ir (from Iraq to Irving Berlin)
Is (from Isaac Asimov to Isaac Newton)
It (from It's a Wonderful Life to Ithiel de Sola Pool)
Iv (from Ivo Andric to Ivo Andric)
Iz (from Izaak Walton to Izaak Walton)


J_ (from J. C. Watts to J. William Fulbright)
Ja (from Jacinto Javier Bowks de la Rosa to Jazz)
Je (from Jean Baudrillard to Jewish proverbs)
Ji (from Jim Elliot to Jimmy Williams)
Jo (from Joan Didion to Journalist)
Ju (from Juan Gris to Juvenal)


K_ (from K. Barry Sharpless to K-PAX)
Ka (from Kabir to Kathy Najimy)
Ke (from Keanu Reeves to Key Terms in Popular Music and Culture)
Kh (from Khalil Gibran to Khalil Gibran)
Ki (from Kiera Knightley to Kirpal Singh)
Kl (from Klingon Proverbs to Klingon proverbs)
Kn (from Knowledge to Knowledge)
Ko (from Kool DJ Herc to Korean proverbs)
Kr (from Kristen Hersh to Kristian Wilson)
Ku (from Kurt Cobain to Kurt Vonnegut)


L_ (from L. A. Confidential to L. Frank Baum)
La (from La Liberte to Laziness)
Le (from Lea DeLaria to Lewis Mumford)
Li (from Libbie Fudim to Literature)
Ll (from Lloyd Bentsen to Lloyd Bentsen)
Lo (from Logic to Love Actually)
Ls (from LSD to LSD)
Lu (from Lu Xun to Lullaby)
Ly (from Lyndon Johnson to Lyndon Johnson)


M_ (from M A S H to M A S H)
Ma (from Ma Ferguson to Maya Angelou)
Mc (from McDonalds to McDonalds)
Me (from Measure for Measure to Metallica)
Mi (from Michael Badnarik to Miyamoto Musashi)
Mn (from Mnemonics to Mnemonics)
Mo (from Moby-Dick to Motivational)
Mr (from Mrs Patrick Campbell to Mrs Patrick Campbell)
Mu (from Much Ado About Nothing to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)
My (from Mystery Science Theater 3000 to Mystery Science Theater 3000)


Na (from Nam June Paik to Nazim Hikmet)
Ne (from Neal Stephenson to New Utopia)
Ni (from Niccolo Machiavelli to Nineteen Eighty-Four)
No (from Noah Webster to Novalis)
Ny (from Nye Bevan to Nye Bevan)


O_ (from O. Henry to O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
Oc (from Ocean's Eleven to Ocean's Eleven)
Of (from Office Space to Office Space)
Og (from Ogden Nash to Ogden Nash)
Oi (from Oil to Oil)
Ol (from Old age to Olof Palme)
Om (from Omar Bradley to Omar Bradley)
On (from On The Road to Ontology)
Op (from Opportunity to Optimism)
Or (from Orrin Hatch to Orson Welles)
Os (from Osama bin Laden to Osho)
Ot (from Othello to Otto von Bismarck)
Ou (from Our Lady Peace to Our Lady Peace)
Ov (from Ovadia Yosef to Ovadia Yosef)
Ow (from OwlWhacker to OwlWhacker)
Oz (from Ozymandias to Ozzy Osbourne)


P_ (from P. D. James to P.J. Proudhon)
Pa (from Pablo Casals to Paulo Freire)
Pc (from PCU to PCU)
Pe (from Peace to Petronius)
Ph (from Philip D. Zelikow to Philosophy)
Pi (from Pierre Auguste Renoir to Pirates Of The Caribbean)
Pl (from Plato to Pleasantville)
Po (from Poetry to Power)
Pr (from Prank Phone Calls to Prue Leith)
Ps (from Psychiatry to Psychiatry)
Pu (from Publilius Syrus to Purple Tentacle)
Py (from Pythagoras to Pythagoras)


Qi (from Qin Shi Huangdi to Qin Shi Huangdi)
Qo (from Qotd to Qotd)
Qu (from Quantum mechanics to Qur'an)


Ra (from Rabindranath Tagore to Raymond Smullyan)
Re (from Real Genius to Rex Stout)
Rh (from Rhetoric to Rhetoric)
Ri (from Ric Berger to Rita Rudner)
Ro (from Robby Krieger to Rosie O'Donnell)
Ru (from Rudy Giuliani to Russian proverbs:USSR)


S_ (from Ségur to Søren Kierkegaard)
Sa (from Sacha Guitry to Saying Goodbye)
Sc (from Scarface to Scratching)
Se (from Second Manifesto of Surrealism to Seymour Cray)
Sh (from Shabba Ranks to Shri Mataji Nirmala Shrivastava)
Si (from Sid Meier to Sir William Temple)
Sk (from Skepticism to Skepticism)
Sl (from Slavery to Sleep)
Sn (from Snoop Dogg to Snow Crash)
So (from Social constructionism to Soylent Green)
Sp (from Space to SpongeBob SquarePants)
St (from St. Anthony the Great to Styx)
Su (from Subculture to Susan Sontag)
Sw (from Swami Vivekananda to Swiss proverbs)
Sy (from Sybil Hathaway to System Shock 2)


T_ (from T-34 tank to T. S. Eliot)
Ta (from Tacitus to Taxi Driver)
Te (from Team Rocket to Tertullian)
Th (from That 70's Show to Thus Spake Zarathustra)
Ti (from Tiger I to Titanic)
To (from Toast to Tori Amos)
Tr (from Trade to Truth)
Tu (from Tuck Everlasting to Turkish Proverbs)
Tw (from Twelfth Night to Two Gentlemen of Verona)


U_ (from U Thant to U Thant)
Ul (from Ulysses to Ulysses S. Grant)
Um (from Umberto Eco to Umberto Eco)
Un (from Under the Tuscan Sun to Unselfishness)
Up (from Upton Sinclair to Upton Sinclair)
Ut (from Utilitarianism to Utilitarianism)


Va (from Vacation to Van Helsing)
Ve (from Vegetarianism to Vernon Corea)
Vi (from Vices to Virtue)
Vl (from Vladimir Barsky to Vladimir Putin)
Vo (from Voltaire to Voltaire)


W_ (from W. C. Fields to W. S. Gilbert)
Wa (from Waking Life to Waynes World)
We (from We shall fight them on the beaches to West Wing)
Wh (from Whale Rider to Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
Wi (from Wicked to Withnail and I)
Wo (from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Work)
Wr (from Writing to Writing)


X_ (from X-Files to X-Men)
Xu (from Xun Zi to Xun Zi)


Ya (from Yasser Arafat to Yasunari Kawabata)
Ye (from Yellow Submarine to Yes! My name is Pierre Elliot Trudeau)
Yi (from Yitzhak Rabin to Yitzhak Rabin)
Yo (from Yoda to Youth)
Yu (from Yuri Gagarin to Yuri Gagarin)


Za (from Zack de la Rocha to Zane Grey)
Ze (from Zell Miller to Zero Wing)
Zh (from Zhuang Zi to Zhuang Zi)
Zo (from Zora Neale Hurston to Zorro the Gay Blade)
Zs (from Zsa Zsa Gabor to Zsa Zsa Gabor)


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