E-paranoids : Dictionary, Find Meaning and Defination

Dictionary alphabetical index

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1s (from 1st to 1st)
1x (from 1X to 1X)


24 (from 24/7 to 24/7)


30 (from 3037/2002 to 3037/2002)
31 (from 31337 to 31337)


41 (from 411 to 411)
4w (from 4WD to 4WD)
4x (from 4X4 to 4X4)


50 (from 50-öring to 50-öring)


64 (from 64 to 64)


86 (from 86 to 86)
8_ (from 8-bar to 8-bar)
8n (from 8N1 to 8N1)
8v (from 8va to 8va)


9_ (from 9/11 to 9/11)


_ (from ! to $)
__ (from כלב to میوه)
_a (from -a to -ase)
_b (from -basher to -bo)
_c (from -chan to -cida)
_d (from 'd to -dä)
_e (from
_f (from -fold to 'fraid)
_g (from -gamous to -graph)
_h (from -head to -hedron)
_i (from -iö to -ix)
_j (from -ja to -jä)
_k (from -ka to !Kung)
_l (from -lainen to -ly)
_m (from 'm to 'm)
_n (from -n to -ni)
_o (from -o to -ous)
_p (from -phobe to -phobic)
_r (from 're to -rin)
_s (from -s to -sti)
_t (from -t to 'twill)
_u (from -u to -un)
_v (from 've to -Vn)
_x (from !Xũ to !Xóõ)
_y (from -y to .ybu)


A (from A to A)
A4 (from A4 to A4)
A_ (from A- to Aετός)
Aa (from AA to AAVE)
Ab (from Ab to Abyssus)
Ac (from AC to Acyls)
Ad (from AD to Adze)
Ae (from Aeaeae to Aesthetic)
Af (from Afër to Aftokinito)
Ag (from Ag to Agustus)
Ah (from Ah to Ahvenanmaa)
Ai (from Ai to Aizawl)
Aj (from Ajaa to Ajornar)
Ak (from AK to Akustik)
Al (from AL to Alzheimer's disease)
Am (from AM to Amyloid)
An (from An to ANZAC)
Ao (from Ao to Aotearoa)
Ap (from AP to Apulian)
Aq (from AQ to Aqvila)
Ar (from AR to Arzt)
As (from As to Asymptote)
At (from At to Atu'uba)
Au (from Au to Auxiliary verb)
Av (from Av to Avuto)
Aw (from Await to Awry)
Ax (from Ax to Axunge)
Ay (from Ay to Ayvigo)
Az (from AZ to Azymous)


B (from B to B)
B2 (from B2b to B2b)
B_ (from B-dur to Bœuf)
Ba (from Ba to Bazil)
Bb (from BBC to BBS)
Bc (from BC to BCE)
Bd (from Bd to BDA)
Be (from Be to Bezwstydny)
Bh (from Bh to Bhutanese)
Bi (from Bi to Bizarro)
Bk (from Bk to Bk)
Bl (from Blód to Blyfri)
Bm (from BM to BM)
Bn (from BNF to BNP)
Bo (from Bo to Boyfriend)
Bp (from Bpd to Bpd)
Br (from Br to Brytmǽlum)
Bs (from BS to BSS)
Bt (from BTW to BTW)
Bu (from Bu to Buzzword compliant)
Bw (from Bwana to Bwana)
Bx (from BX to BX)
By (from By to Byzantine)


C (from C to C)
C_ (from C. to Cāngjié)
Ca (from CA to Caymanian)
Cb (from CBC to CBS)
Cc (from CC to CCD)
Cd (from CD to CDMA)
Ce (from CE to Ceux)
Cf (from Cf to CFO)
Cg (from Cg to Cg)
Ch (from CH to Chypre)
Ci (from Ci to Civis romanus sum)
Cj (from CJK to CJK)
Cl (from CL to Clutch)
Cm (from CM to CMOS)
Cn (from CN to CN)
Co (from CO to Cozens)
Cp (from CPU to CPU)
Cr (from Cr to Crystallization)
Cs (from CS to CSS)
Ct (from CT to CTV)
Cu (from Cu to Cuvette)
Cw (from Cwm to Cwm)
Cy (from Cyẅres to Cytosine)
Cz (from Czajnik to Czekolada)


D (from D to D)
D_ (from D' to DÆ¿eorg)
Da (from Da to Daze)
Db (from Db to DBE)
Dc (from DC to DC)
Dd (from DDT to DDT)
De (from De to Dezenove)
Df (from DF to DFA)
Dg (from Dg to Dg)
Dh (from Dhalay to Dhow)
Di (from Di to Dizer)
Dj (from DJIA to Djiboutian)
Dl (from Dl to DLS)
Dm (from Dm to DMZ)
Dn (from DNA to DNA)
Do (from Do to Dozzina)
Dr (from Dr to Drysidae)
Ds (from Ds to DSP)
Du (from DU to Duvet)
Dv (from Dva to DVT)
Dw (from Dwanaście to Dwelt)
Dy (from Dy to Dyyni)
Dz (from Dzień dobry to Dzo)


E (from E to E)
E_ (from E- to E pur si muove)
Ea (from Ea to Eaw)
Eb (from Ebano to EBU)
Ec (from Ecarte to Ecuadorian)
Ed (from Ed to Edward)
Ee (from Ee to Eeyore)
Ef (from Eff to EFTA)
Eg (from Eg to Egyptology)
Eh (from Ehebruch to Ehebruch)
Ei (from Ei to Either)
Ej (from Ejaculate to Ejemplo)
Ek (from Ek to Ekster)
El (from El to Elver)
Em (from Em to Emulation)
En (from En to Enzyme)
Eo (from Eo to Eon)
Ep (from Epee to Epulae)
Eq (from Eqoersted to Equus caballus)
Er (from Er to Erythrocyte)
Es (from ES to Eszik)
Et (from Et to Etymology)
Eu (from EU to Eux)
Ev (from Evacuate to Evzone)
Ew (from Ewe to Ewro)
Ex (from Ex to Exululare)
Ey (from Eye to Eyry)
Ez (from Ezra to Eztli)


F (from F to F)
F_ (from F. to Fête)
Fa (from Fa to Fazer)
Fb (from FBI to FBI)
Fd (from FDMA to FDMA)
Fe (from Fe to Fez)
Ff (from FF to Ffyr)
Fh (from Fhqwhgads to Fhqwhgads)
Fi (from Fiú to Fizzle)
Fj (from Fjell to Fjorton)
Fl (from FL to Flyway)
Fm (from FM to FMRI)
Fn (from Fnord to Fnord)
Fo (from Fo to Foyer)
Fr (from Fr to Fry)
Fs (from FSK to FSK)
Ft (from Ft to FTSE)
Fu (from Fu'ivla to Fuzzy)
Fx (from FX to Fxfisherman)
Fy (from Fy to Fyra)


G (from G to G)
G_ (from G'day to Gâteau)
Ga (from GA to Gazette)
Gb (from GB to GBA SP)
Gc (from GC to GCSE)
Gd (from Gd to GDP)
Ge (from Ge to Gezellig)
Gg (from Gg to Gg)
Gh (from Ghana to Ghoul)
Gi (from Gia Nã Đại to Gizzard)
Gj (from Gjjm to Gjjm)
Gk (from Gk to Gk)
Gl (from Glóf to Glyphs)
Gm (from GMT to GMT)
Gn (from GNAA to GNU/Linux)
Go (from GO to Gozo)
Gp (from Gp to GPS)
Gr (from GR to Grypus)
Gs (from GSM to GST)
Gt (from GT to GT)
Gu (from Guacamole to Guys)
Gw (from Gwên to Gwraidd)
Gy (from Gy to Gyroscope)


H (from H to H)
H_ (from H. & C. to Häuschen)
Ha (from Ha to Hazy)
Hb (from HBO to HBO)
Hd (from HDPE to HDPE)
He (from He to Hey)
Hf (from Hf to Hf)
Hg (from HG to Hg)
Hi (from Hi to Hive)
Hj (from Hjälplös to Hjerte)
Hk (from HK to HK)
Hl (from Hl to Hlava)
Hm (from Hm to HMS)
Hn (from Hnutu to Hnutu)
Ho (from Ho to Hoy)
Hr (from Hrdina to Hruška)
Hs (from Hs to Hs)
Ht (from HTML to HTTP cookie)
Hu (from Hu to Huvudsida)
Hw (from Hwæl to Hwy.)
Hy (from Hyadum I to Hyväksyä)


I (from I to I)
I_ (from I'd to I've)
Ia (from IA to Iarda)
Ib (from Ibón to IBS)
Ic (from IC to ICR)
Id (from ID to Idyll)
Ie (from IEEE to Iena)
If (from If to Iffy)
Ig (from Igasuric to Iguana)
Ih (from Ihr to Ihr)
Ii (from II to IIRC)
Ij (from Ijs to Ijzer)
Ik (from Ik to Ikuinen)
Il (from IL to Ilta)
Im (from Im to IMSI)
In (from In to Inwreathe)
Io (from IO to IOU)
Ip (from IP to Ipso jure)
Iq (from Iqaluit to Iqaluit)
Ir (from Ir to Iruña)
Is (from Is to Istua)
It (from It to Itu)
Iu (from Iubilate Deo to Ius primae noctis)
Iv (from IV to Ivory Coast)
Ix (from IX to Ixnay)
Iz (from Izen to Izen)


J (from J to J)
J_ (from Jää to Język angielski)
Ja (from JA to Jazz)
Je (from Je to Jewfish)
Jh (from Jharal to Jharkhand)
Ji (from Jib to Jive)
Jl (from JLAvengers to JLAvengers)
Jo (from Jo to Joystick)
Jp (from JPEG to JPEG)
Jr (from Jr to Jr.)
Js (from JS to JS)
Ju (from Ju to Juzgado)
Jy (from Jy to Jyutping)


K (from K to K)
K_ (from Käärme to Kāma)
Ka (from Kaali to KazanlÅ­k)
Kb (from KBE to KBE)
Kd (from KDE to Kdo)
Ke (from Ke to Keystone)
Kg (from Kg to KGB)
Kh (from Khùng to Khyber)
Ki (from KI to Kizilbash)
Kl (from Kl to Kluv)
Km (from Km to Kmotra)
Kn (from Kníh to Knurl)
Ko (from Ko to Koza)
Kp (from KPA to KPA)
Kr (from Kr to Krypton)
Ks (from KS to Książka)
Ku (from Ku Klux Klan to Kuzu)
Kv (from Kvär to Kvicken)
Kw (from Kwōlej to Kwukyel)
Ky (from KY to Kyustendil)


L (from L to L)
L3 (from L33t to L33t)
L_ (from L. to Ļokwājek)
La (from LA to Lazy)
Lc (from LC to LCD)
Ld (from LDP to LDPE)
Le (from Le to Lez)
Lg (from LGk to LGk)
Lh (from Lhama to Lhasa)
Li (from Li to Lizarki)
Ll (from Llama to Llesbian)
Lm (from LMAO to LMAO)
Ln (from Ln. to Lnuyasha qiuz)
Lo (from Lo to Loyal)
Lp (from LPG LEL to LPG LEL)
Lr (from Lr to LRRP)
Ls (from LSD to LSD)
Lt (from LT to Ltd.)
Lu (from Lu to Luz)
Ly (from Ly to Lyssa)


M (from M to M)
M_ (from Mücke to M̧uļe)
Ma (from MA to Mazy)
Mb (from MB to Mbweha)
Mc (from MC to McJob)
Md (from MD to MDM)
Me (from ME to Mezzogiorno)
Mf (from MF to MF)
Mg (from MG to MGk)
Mi (from Mi to Mizoram)
Mj (from Mjúkr to Mjölk)
Ml (from ML to Ml)
Mm (from Mm to Mme)
Mn (from MN to Mnemotécnicas)
Mo (from MO to Mozzie)
Mp (from MP to Mph)
Mr (from Mr to Mrs)
Ms (from MS to MSN)
Mt (from MT to MTV)
Mu (from Mu to Muzzle)
Mw (from Mwg to Mwg)
Mx (from MX to MX)
My (from My to Myydä)
Mz (from Mzda to Mzda)


N (from N to N)
N0 (from N00b lolz0r to N00b lolz0r)
N6 (from N64 to N64)
N_ (from N/a to Německo)
Na (from NA to Nazi)
Nb (from NB to NBC)
Nc (from NC to NCG)
Nd (from ND to Ndebele)
Ne (from NE to Nexus)
Nf (from NF to NFL)
Ng (from Ng to Ngumparna)
Nh (from NH to Nhurraay)
Ni (from Ni to Nix)
Nj (from NJ to NJ)
Nl (from NL to NL)
Nm (from NM to Nmi)
Nn (from NNE to NNW)
No (from No to Nozzle)
Np (from Np to NPR)
Nr (from NRA to NRMA)
Ns (from NS to NSW)
Nt (from NT to NTSC)
Nu (from Nu to Nux)
Nv (from NV to NVQ)
Nw (from NW to NW)
Ny (from NY to Nyungar)
Nz (from NZ to NZ)


O (from O to O)
O_ (from O- to Oğlan)
Oa (from OA to Oats)
Ob (from Ob to Obwalden)
Oc (from Oca to Oczywiście)
Od (from Od to ODT)
Oe (from OE to Oeuf)
Of (from Of to Ofter)
Og (from Oggi to Ogre)
Oh (from OH to Ohut)
Oi (from Oi to OIt)
Oj (from OJ to Ojo)
Ok (from OK to Oktober)
Ol (from Ol to Olyroos)
Om (from Om to Omy)
On (from On to Onze)
Oo (from Oo to Ootheca)
Op (from Op to Opusculum)
Or (from Or to Oryx)
Os (from OS to Ostrov)
Ot (from Otaku to Ottocento)
Ou (from Ou to Ouzo)
Ov (from Ovate to Ovvio)
Ow (from Ow to Owner)
Ox (from Ox to Oxymoron)
Oy (from Oyster to Oyster)


P (from P to P)
P4 (from P45 to P45)
P_ (from P. p. to Pět)
Pa (from PA to Pazardzhik)
Pb (from PB to PBX)
Pc (from PC to PCS)
Pd (from Pd to PDD)
Pe (from PE to Pezzo)
Pf (from Pflanze to Pfund)
Pg (from PG to Pg)
Ph (from Ph.D. to Phytoplankton)
Pi (from Pi to Pizzicato)
Pl (from Pl. to Plywood)
Pm (from PM to Pm)
Pn (from Pneumoconiosis to Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis)
Po (from Po to Poyf)
Pp (from Ppl to PPV)
Pr (from PR to Przychód)
Ps (from PS to Psychomantium)
Pt (from Pt to PTO)
Pu (from PU to Puzzle)
Pv (from PVA to PVC)
Pw (from PWM to PWM)
Px (from PX to PX)
Py (from Py to Pyytää)


Q (from Q to Q)
Qa (from Qap to Qatari)
Qc (from QC to QC)
Qe (from QE to Qen)
Qi (from Qiana to Qimmeq)
Ql (from Qld to Qld)
Qo (from Qona to Qona)
Qr (from QR to QR)
Qs (from Qsim to Qsim)
Qu (from Qua to Qur'an)
Qv (from Qv to Qv)
Qw (from Qwerty to Qwerty)


R (from R to R)
R_ (from Rúčka to R̃)
Ra (from Ra to Razor blade)
Rb (from Rb to Rb)
Rd (from Rd. to RDO)
Re (from Re to Reykjavik)
Rf (from Rf to RFDS)
Rh (from Rh to Rhytiphobia)
Ri (from RI to Riyadh)
Rj (from RJ to RJ)
Rm (from Rm nd mnky to RMO)
Rn (from RN to RNA)
Ro (from RO to Rozzer)
Rp (from RP to RPG)
Rr (from RR to RR)
Rs (from RS to RS)
Rt (from Rtfm to RTFM)
Ru (from Ru to Rutty)
Rw (from Rwanda to Rwandese)
Ry (from Ry to Ryvett)


S (from S to S)
S_ (from S.A. to Sözlük)
Sa (from SA to Says)
Sb (from Sb to Sb)
Sc (from SC to Scythe)
Sd (from SD to SD)
Se (from SE to Seychelles)
Sf (from SF to SFX)
Sg (from Sg to Sgt)
Sh (from Sha'n't to Shy)
Si (from SI to Size)
Sj (from Sju to Sju)
Sk (from SK to Skyway)
Sl (from SL to Slytherin)
Sm (from SM to Smutriculator)
Sn (from Sn to Snug)
So (from So to Soyl)
Sp (from SP to Spyware)
Sq (from SQL to Squitter)
Sr (from Sr to Srito)
Ss (from SSBM to SSW)
St (from St. to Stymie)
Su (from Su to Suzuki)
Sv (from Svärd to SVT)
Sw (from SW to Swung)
Sy (from Sy to Syzygy)
Sz (from Szó to Szpital)


T (from T to T)
T_ (from T' to T̼)
Ta (from TA to Tayvoyn)
Tb (from TB to Tbilisi)
Tc (from Tc to TCP)
Td (from TDMA to TDS)
Te (from Te to Tey)
Tg (from Tg to Tg)
Th (from Th to Thyself)
Ti (from Ti to Tizona)
Tj (from Tjaliny to Tjina mama)
Tl (from TL to TLCAN)
Tm (from TM to Tmesis)
Tn (from TN to TNT)
To (from To to Toy with)
Tq (from TQS to TQS)
Tr (from Tra to Try-hard)
Ts (from Ts'ai to Tswana)
Tt (from TTFN to TTYL)
Tu (from Tu to Tuzin)
Tv (from TV to TVO)
Tw (from Twa to Twr)
Tx (from TX to TX)
Ty (from Ty to Tyttö)
Tz (from Tzar to Tzotzil)


U (from U to U)
U_ (from U-Bahn to Uçağın)
Ua (from Ua to UART)
Ub (from Uba to Ubriaco)
Uc (from Ucal to Uccello)
Ud (from Udal to UdSSR)
Ue (from UEFA to Uey)
Uf (from UFO to Ufo)
Ug (from Uganda to Ugsome)
Uh (from Uh to Uhr)
Ui (from Uida to Uit de kluiten gewassen)
Uj (from Ujan to Ujo)
Uk (from UK to Ukrainian)
Ul (from Ulan to Uluru)
Um (from Um to Umsonst)
Un (from UN to Unwrap)
Uo (from Uomini to Uovo)
Up (from Up to Upwelling)
Ur (from Ur to Uruguayan)
Us (from Us to Usurp)
Ut (from UT to Uttaranchal)
Uu (from Uub to Uuu)
Uv (from UV to Uvular)
Uw (from Uwe to Uwe)
Ux (from Uxor to Uxorial)
Uz (from Uzbek to Uzbekistan)


V (from V to V)
V_ (from V. to Văr)
Va (from VA to Vauva)
Vb (from VB to Vb. n.)
Vc (from VC to VCO)
Ve (from Veža to Vez)
Vh (from VHS to VHS)
Vi (from Vi to Viz)
Vl (from VL to Vloeien)
Vn (from Vnuk to Vnuk)
Vo (from Vobopwe to Voz)
Vr (from Vrana to Vrucht)
Vs (from Vs. to Vs.)
Vt (from VT to VTB-VAB)
Vu (from Vu to Vuori)
Vy (from Vy to Vysar)
Vz (from Vzduch to Vzduch)


W (from W to W)
W0 (from W00t to W00t)
W3 (from W3C to W3C)
W_ (from W/ to Wörterbuch)
Wa (from WA to Waylay)
Wb (from WB to WB)
Wc (from WC to WC)
We (from We to Wey)
Wh (from Whack to Why)
Wi (from WI to Wizard)
Wm (from WMD to WMD)
Wn (from WNW to WNW)
Wo (from Wo'n't to Wow)
Wr (from Wrack to Wry)
Ws (from WSW to WSW)
Wt (from WTC to WTO)
Wu (from Wuerdigen to Wuttke)
Wv (from WV to WVO)
Ww (from WWF to Www.JimmyGarrido.com)
Wy (from WY to Wyvern)


X (from X to X)
X_ (from X-axis to XÆ°Æ¡ng)
Xa (from Xab to Xazdo)
Xb (from Xbox Live to Xbox Live)
Xe (from Xe to Xerxis)
Xh (from Xhosa to XHTML)
Xi (from Xi to XIV)
Xl (from XL to XL)
Xm (from XML to XML)
Xn (from XNAY to XNAY)
Xo (from Xor to Xor)
Xr (from Xrabo to Xrabo)
Xu (from Xu to Xurdo)
Xx (from XXX to XXXX)
Xy (from Xy to Xyster)


Y (from Y to Y)
Y2 (from Y2K to Y2K)
Y_ (from Y- to Yıkamak)
Ya (from Yaar to Yay)
Yb (from Yb to YBP)
Yc (from YC to YC)
Ye (from Ye to Yew)
Yg (from Yg to Yg)
Yh (from YHA to YHVH)
Yi (from Yi to Yip)
Yk (from Yksi to Yksitoista)
Ym (from YMCA to Ympyrä)
Yn (from Yn to Yn)
Yo (from Yo to Yowie)
Yp (from YPB to Ypréau)
Ys (from Ysop to Ysop)
Yt (from YT to Yttrium)
Yu (from Yu to Yurt)
Yw (from YWCA to YWHA)


Z (from Z to Z)
Z_ (from Z-axis to Zürich)
Za (from ZA to Zazi)
Zd (from Zd out to Zdrobnenina)
Ze (from Zeal to Zeventig)
Zg (from Zg to Zg)
Zh (from Zhōngwén to Zho)
Zi (from Zia to Zither)
Zl (from Zloty to Zloty)
Zm (from Zmrzlina to Zmrzlina)
Zn (from Zn to Znowu)
Zo (from Zo to Zout)
Zr (from Zr to Zrcadlo)
Zs (from Zs to Zs)
Zu (from Zu to Zuxenxaymi)
Zw (from Zwölf to Zwischen)
Zy (from Zy to Zyzzyva)

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